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We believe that some mixes just work really well, Dalmadoodles being one. Dalmatians are a smart, loyal breed that has a beautiful, streamlined structure and a strong more square-like face. The poodle is a super smart, healthy breed that provides the infamous, beautiful, curly coat and a structure that looks confident and powerful. We know that mixing these 2 breeds diversifies the gene pool and can help in preventing some of the health problems found in either breed. We were intentional in choosing a certain poodle color and structure that compliments the Dalmatian and will make beautifully spotted, fluffy, low-shedding pups every time. All of this combined will make our puppies highly desirable. We hope to have Dalmadoodles by the end of 2024 or into 2025 pending our Dalmadoodle's health testing. We have opened our Dalmadoodle waiting list to names only! We are not able to guarantee puppies at this time and therefore are not accepting deposits.

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