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There are so many reasons this breed could be great for your family. This list could be so very long but we will try and keep it short. The Australian Shepherd is smart, driven,  loyal, extremely trainable, and deeply desires to please. Along with their many great temperament qualities, they come in such a beautiful array of colors. The often miss understood part of the Aussie is their high energy, coupled with their intelligence they can be very sneaky and troublesome in the wrong home and can often develop anxiety. The Poodle is also a very smart breed. We typically always use Standard to Moyen size poodles. Poodles tend to be a little more independent and have an amazing confidence about them. Their curly coats are wonderful if you have allergies or hate cleaning up dog hair with your clothes every time you interact with them. Their coats give doodles the amazing fluffy look that has captivated the world (furnishings). Poodles also can be driven and want to please but in the same breath be more laid back when compared to the Aussie. So with these two breeds combined, you are most likely going to get a smart dog who is ready to please, a beautiful coat, and a pup that will be ready to live life with your family, no matter where it takes you. Is this the breed for you? It very well could be. 

Coats, Genetics, and Furnishings

Curly? Wavy? Straight-coat? Unfurnished? Flat-coat? What does it all mean and how will it affect me and your family? I would love to try and answer that for you. When choosing your puppy you may see some of these words and they aren't meant to confuse you... well maybe a little... haha, just kidding! They are meant to help you understand what coat type the puppy you're considering has so that you can be sure you are getting the desired coat type. Curly just simply means that particular puppy's coat is very similar to a poodle's and is tightly curled or will be as an adult. Curly coats require a lot of grooming and brushing.  Wavy  Is often one of the most sought after and can be easier to care for than their curlier siblings. Wavy just means exactly that- the coat is wavy in shape. But do not be fooled by its easier appearance, these coats still need regular grooming. Straight-coat is the same as wavy but with very little to no waves.  Unfurnished or flat-coat can be a very confusing one but it basically means that the puppy has a coat more like the Aussie and less like the poodle. You can spot unfurnished or flat-coated dogs by looking at the face and feet, if you see short hair like an Aussies face or feet then you've got yourself an unfurnished or flat-coated dog. Nothing is wrong with these dogs, it's just the coat they inherited from mom or dad. a couple of really cool things about these coats are they often shed less than their pure Australian Shepherd parent and they need little to no grooming other than the occasional bath and nail trim. A good way to save on those grooming bills. What's crazy is you can have all of these coat types in one litter depending on the genetics of the parents. We have had all kinds of coats and we love them all dearly. I hope this answers your questions and helps you find the perfect Curly, Wavy, Straight-coat, Unfurnished or Flat-coated pup for your family! Photo examples below.

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Unfurnished or Flat-coat
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