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Crowders Mountain Doodles reserves the right to first picks at all times

you must be approved through an application on the puppy adoption page and have paid your deposit to get your name on a list.


IMPORTANT we are accepting names but not currently accepting deposits on this waiting list. this list is for Lou and Zukos mini or moyen F1 Aussiedoodle puppies. a few tests are still pending before they are bred. You may be added to the list with no deposit paid and after test results are passing and breeding is confirmed you may place your deposit to hold your spot.

1. Hal Stowe






IMPORTANT we are accepting names but not taking deposits for this waiting list at this time because we are not 100% certain that we will have Dalmadoodle puppies. this list does not guarantee anyone a Dalmadoodle puppy it is simply for people who want to get in line for a POTENTIAL puppy. you will be looking at an almost 2 year wait.

1. Lindsey Choate

2. Anna Lynch

3. Matt Lynch

4. Jordan Watts

5. Blake Lutz


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