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Started Puppy Program

This program is a great option for the family that is looking for an older puppy who has been started on necessary training such as; potty training, basic obedience, leash walking, recall, food manners, and more. 



Sam is a handsome, soft, fluffy guy. He is very chill and loves to be snuggled. His favorite toy is a stick and he likes to play tug more than fetch. He plays for only a little while before he is ready to cuddle and nap again. He tends to be more about that couch life but is ready to go on an adventure any time. He loves to explore and is so great with kids.
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Sam's parents are wonderful, healthy, well tempered dogs. Sam's dad, Salem, is fully health tested and passed his genetic testing and OFAs for hips, elbows and heart. His mom, Blue, has passed all genetic testing and is free of over 200 possible genetic deseases.

Puppy Application
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