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The Girls



90653D4A-7BCB-48F9-8A05-6CF1CD624A9C 2.JPG

F1b Standard Aussiedoodle

health testing pending

Poppy is a gorgeous blue merle Aussiedoodle. She is a puppy of our former female, Blue. She is spunky and loyal and loves her people. She will undergo health testing and OFA certification before she is bred to make sure we are bringing healthy pups into the world. Keep an eye out for updates on this beautiful girl. We are hoping to see puppies out of her in 2024.



Standard Poodle

OFA Results:

hips- Good

others pending


Lou is a beautifully marked phantom, parti, standard poodle. She is calm but also playful but only on her terms. She loves snuggles and spending time with her family. We are excited to get her health testing results soon and are scheduling her OFA testing for later this year. We hope to see puppies out of this stunner in 2023

The Boys



F1 Aussiedoodle

OFA results

Heart- clear

Elbows- normal

Hips- good

Genetically clear through pawprint genetics.


Cooper is our male F1 Aussiedoodle. He is a beautiful Brown tricolor with the most beautiful yellow/amber eyes. He is a fun-loving family guy that will play for hours but also chill with you on the couch. He is a smart guy who we can say truly does have the beauty and the brains. We are honored to have this handsome guy in our program. 

Untitled_Artwork 53.JPG


F1 Dalmadoodle

Health testing is pending

Rohan is a beautiful F1 Dalmadoodle and boy is he a cutie. He's a laid-back guy who loves to relax and snuggle. His favorite thing to do is roll around in the grass all while getting pets and scratches on his tummy. He is undergoing lots of training at the moment and we are very proud of him so far! His health testing is pending and we hope to see babies out of him after they are complete/passing and he comes of age. We have opened a no financial commitment, no guarantee waiting list for his puppies but this is of course pending his health and not in any way a promise of a puppy.



Mini Brown Merle Tri Austrailian Shepherd

health testing pending

Zuko is a handsome little man with some spunk but he is also very loyal and great with people and other dogs. He may be small but he is an attention grabber no doubt. He is well behaved and very loved by his family. We are looking forward to having puppies out of him this year!


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